Who we are

Arthur Zetes, Founder, and Managing Director.

Chelsea James, Director of Marketing.

Allison Rodriguez, The Blogger

Chris DiTomaso- Web design 

Kentaro Osaki- Networking 

Courtney Liu: Twitter

Sarah Serizawa: Legal
Hillary Prather: Networking

Twinkle Pradhan

Ivan Mršić- Photographer 

The Producers
The women employed by Dece are all living in difficult circumstances. Dece generally works by helping a mother of a big family to learn a trade which enables her to work from home. This means that she doesn’t need any former education or experience, so it is never too late for a family. The mother can stay at home, washing and cooking and looking after her kids, whilst also earning money through Dece. Their wage can be the difference between having food, medicine and firewood for their families, or not.<br></br>